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Building and Envelopes Repairs
Building envelope is one of the most important aspects of protecting a building from serious structural decay, wood rot, concrete degradation, water damage, mould growth, and energy loss. It includes all exterior components including roof, exterior wall cladding, foundation, flashings, doors and windows. Routine envelope maintenance and inspections are the best way to avoid significant damage and costly repairs. Grantson, works alongside the best Building Science Consultants and Engineers to ensure the job is done right. The company performs all types of envelope repairs, from basic maintenance such as caulking and paint, to entire building envelope remediation and parkade or courtyard membrane replacements. Before planning the interior repairs or renovations, protect your investment and ensure the exterior and structure are performing as intended.
Structural Repairs
Any building showing signs of structural issues must be looked at by professionals. Grantson, working alongside with structural engineers, to ensure all buildings are safe and sound to protect owners’ investment. Each project will mitigate and rectify deflection issues such as doors, widows, wall cracks, curvature of building interior walls, sagging floors, ceilings, beams or balcony decks, concrete spalling and concrete slab settlement. Upon inspection and assessment, a site‐specific scope of work with repair strategy and estimate will be prepared for each situation.
Concrete Restoration
Concrete is the most commonly used building materials from foundation of wood frame apartments to concrete structure of high‐rise towers, as well as the building blocks of all infrastructures. Concrete buildings are designed to last for ages but require regular maintenance and targeted repairs to mitigate all common problems including water leaks, cracks, efflorescence, spalling, etc. A knowledgeable team member from Grantson will assist the property managers and owners to assess any problems related to concrete structure and prepare a scope of work with detailed proposal to tackle each specific situation and restore the structure to safe and sound conditions.
Strata Repairs & Maintenance
Routine maintenance and repairs to buildings are key to protect the investment and preventing any expensive long‐term damage and insurance claims. Grantson has been assisting property managers and strata councils to periodically review building conditions and perform routine maintenance such as exterior building washing, repair and rectify deficiencies including exterior paintings, caulking, concrete cracking, water leaks, and any other components of the building structure including doors and windows, of both concrete high rise and wood frame low rise buildings. The assigned team member will coordinate with unit owners for onsite inspection to assess the situation, investigate to locate and identify the causes of damages. A detailed scope of work and estimate will be provided for the property manager and strata council to review before each project.
Hazardous Material Abatement
Proper identification and handling of hazardous materials and toxic substances during demolition, planned construction project or emergency call‐out is required to safeguard everyone’s health and safety. Asbestos, among many other hazardous and toxic materials, found on more than 3,000 pre‐1990 building materials. Grantson trained hazmat technicians will assist property owners to assess, safely remove and dispose of hazardous materials including asbestos, mould, lead, silica dust, chemical, etc, from small residential moderate risk removal to complex full scale multi‐floor commercial strip outs.
Commercial Tenant Improvements
Tenant improvements offer multiple ways to add value to a commercial property. Grantson can customize the clients’ space to meet the demands of a specific tenant or building owner. The knowledgeable team member will handle the project from start to finish, taking care of entire project from scheduling to trades management, logistic, materials ordering, building permits, city inspections, etc. Every project will be carried out in a timely and cost‐effective manner with progress updates to the clients with the ultimate goal of completing each one on time and on budget to clients’ total satisfaction.
Residential & Commercial Flooring
When it comes to residential or commercial flooring needs, Grantson has a great selection of hard surface flooring and carpet for any application. A knowledgeable team member will visit client on site to present a wide selection of flooring options and a competitive proposal for every project. The installation teams have years of experience to perform every job to the highest standards with commercial and residential materials and completion with a final site inspection to make sure 100% client satisfaction.

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